Battlestar Kalakala

Hey hey funky space travelers!

It’s FIRST THURSDAY! AND it appears we’re “REOPENING!”

First off, I’ve missed you! It’s been 16 months since the last First Thursday funk throw-down and SOOOOOO much has happened! COVID, George Floyd’s murder, societal unrest, protests for change, quarantines, elections, insurrections, more infections, vaccines, absolutely ridiculous weather, and so much more! And as the world changes, so passes some of what made West Seattle Soul aka The Pulsations what it was. I am super sad to see the demise of our collective home away from home, Parliament Tavern, and I will miss it’s historic vibes and all the amazing times. Huge thanks to Tom, Kaitlin, Claire, Dave, and all the Parliament crew for two+ years of First Thursday’s and so many other epic evenings! And a truly massive shout out to all of you, the friends and fans, who made those nights so stupendous! HOOT HOOT!!

It’s a new day, almost a new world, and hopefully a new perspective. I am still concerned about COVID, and keeping my eyes on Delta and crossing my fingers as we watch it ravage everywhere from the UK to Australia. So get your damn vaccines if you’re going to be out and about, and be ready to go “back, Jack, do it again” if we’re not conscious of how we collectively behave. That said, it’s time to get the engines fired up!I want to honor what came before, and with so many changes and creative director oLLi kLOMp working new projects like Low Stimuli Music and Magik Carpet Records, West Seattle Soul aka The Pulsations will be on hiatus a while. First Thursday Funk, however, lives on with BATTLESTAR KALAKALA!! Members of The Pulsations and friends will lift off on August 5 at our new home in North Delridge, Skylark West Seattle! I honestly can’t wait to kick it with YOU!

First Thursday FUNK returns with BATTLESTAR KALAKALA!!! August 5, 2021 is No.1!